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Placement of Insect Light Traps

  • Use wall-mounted units 1-2 mt from the floor, for daytime flying insects. The light traps should be at least 1,5 mt from the door.

  • If you're dealing with night-time flying insects, use ceiling-mounted units placed 2,5-3 mt from the floor. While placing the units, always check if the placement will block any passageways (keep in mind the forklifts and other machinery like cranes).

  • Position insect light traps between the potential source and food related areas.

  • Keep wall mounted units at least 2 meters from food-production areas.

  • Place insect light traps in dark areas and hallways.

  • Places traps at “bottlenecks” or corridors (flies has to go near the traps)

We advice that the UV bulbs are changed at least once a year. Placing new bulbs at the beginning of the peak fly season ensures a high performance during peak season.

Do not install a light trap at ceiling level, directly over, or next to a food preparation surface. This may attract more flies and other flying insects to the food than would ordinarily be attracted by the food itself. Insect ight traps need to be placed where they will attract flies away from food preparation surfaces.
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